POLL: Did the Judges Make the Right Decision on the Final Six on This Week’s ANTM?

Who should have gone home?

Final six! It’s getting down to the wire on America’s Next Top Model and it’s still anyone’s game.

In this week’s elimination India and Tash stood out on top while, for the first time, Tatiana stumbled. Cody skated by for another week somewhere in the middle and the always divisive Courtney was saved, yet again, by her high fashion face. In the bottom, it was the consistent but not necessarily model Paige and the chronically in-the-bottom but the supermodel progeny CoryAnne.

In the end, Rita and the panel sent Paige home, saying they’ve seen it all with her. Paige was never in the bottom but was her musical-theatre-cheerleader thing ever going to be right for ANTM? CoryAnne’s mom may have been a top model but does that mean she should continue to show up in the bottom week after week?

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