Where Are They Now: Did These “Best New Artist” Grammy Winners Stay Hot or Flop?

It's a sink or swim situation.

You can’t remain hot forever, unless you’re born to do it.

The “Best New Artist” category is always storied to be the make or break category for budding artists – the win that separates the one-hit wonders from the soon-to-be legends. But there are some who have a more superstitious view of it. The urban myth of the “Best New Artist curse” is that there’s so much pressure to live up to the hype, these newbies crumble under pressure of the sophomore jinx. We can’t quite wrap our heads around it, but thankfully all artists since 2005 have been spared that terrible fate.

The truth is, artists like Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Nora Jones and Adele make it hard to know for sure. Some of them have gone on to become chart-topping megastars while others have drifted into anonymity, completely satisfied with their small touring circuit and life outside of the spotlight. One year, we’re nodding our heads in agreement when the super talented John Legend rightfully takes his new artist win. Fast forward and we’re shouting “Esperanza, who?” when an unknown jazz singer takes the crown from newbies Justin Bieber and Drake. It’s a formula that appears to be a toss up, but keeps us guessing.

This year Chance the Rapper joins this list of “Best New Artist” Grammy winners, but let’s take a look at past stars who made a big splash in the category. Did they stay hot or flop?

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