VOTE: Are These 2017 Grammy Style Statements Awesome or Awkward?

An outfit can say a lot.

The Grammys are known to inspire some daring looks, but this year we couldn’t help but wonder what some of them were thinking.

Just when we got used to award shows making subtle references to politics, the 59th annual Grammy Awards kicked down the door and overtly took “power to the people” to unseen levels. Singer Joy Villa, who was neither nominated nor performing, went for her moment by donning a pro-Trump gown to the festivities. The artist and Scientologist had been relatively unknown of until debuting her unpopular opinion via her threads. CeeLo went intergalactic on us with his gold tunic and metal mask, which inspired tons of memes that had us literally CTFU.

Whether they’re getting whimsical with wacky, cartoonish garb or sending a message with politically-charged inscriptions, these stars clearly aren’t concerned with best dressed lists. VOTE on which looks had you inspired versus made you want to look away.

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