Trey Songz Reveals His Ideal Valentine’s Day Date to Amber Rose

"Find the moment that you both can share that will be super valued."

Still planing the perfect Valentine’s date for your significant other? Well, let Trey Songz be your guide. In an interview with Amber Rose for VH1’s #14DaysOfLove, Tremaine drops some gems on what he thinks can be the perfect date.

“My perfect date would be anything, but ideal. Dinner and a movie, that’s amazing and that’s fun, but we’re here in California. There are beautiful views, you can take hikes, you can go to amazing concerts, you can drive out to various beaches. I think it’s about you connecting with the person that you want to spend time with, and find the moment that you both can share that will be super valued.”

There you have it. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a great Valentine’s date. Listen to Trey and do something special that you and your bae will remember forever. He’s also got your playlist covered. You can set the mood with five singles from Trey’s discography that will surely spice up your romantic evening. Check the list out below.