They All Knew About Each Other, Trust Me: Judy’s About To Open A Can Of Worms In The Love & Hip Hop Reunion Sneak Peek

"Mendeecees was cheating on my daughter with another woman."

Yandy says she didn’t know about Erika. Erika says Yandy is lying. Kim and Judy are about to fight again while trying to discuss Samantha’s past relationship with Mendeecees, so judging by this Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, you already know part one of the reunion is finna be LIT.

In deciphering the timeline of who was dating Mendeecees when, his three baby mothers can’t quite agree about who was in the picture at what time. Host Nina Parker asks the ladies about how things were back in the day and as Erika is explaining that she was with him for seven years, Yandy can’t help but roll her eyes because to her, Erika was just “the slide.” Fed up, Judy recognizes that her son was messing with everybody and the ladies knew about each other. Two seconds later, Samantha and Judy get into a scream matching, causing mama Kim to step in to defend her daughter. Of course, things get real loud on stage but no worries, a previously recorded convo with Mendeecees may offer some clarity in this very foggy situation.

Don’t miss part one of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, next Monday at 8/7c!

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