5 Awkward Moments From the Love & Hip Hop Franchise We Still Can’t Get Over

Sometimes the drama is too ridiculous to take seriously.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise and its cast members are known for love, drama, and hustle. Most of the time this causes us to freak out over constant tea spills and relationship dynamic shifts. Sometimes, though, these people just do the most and we can’t help but feel sorry for everyone else in the scene (not to mention ourselves) for having to endure some awkward AF moments.

Here are some of those standout moments that, to this day, still leave our Twitter fingers speechless.

  1. Sonja and Princess clear the air but not really.

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    When Princess confronts her man Ray J’s mom, Sonja, about her push for Ray to get a prenup, the conversation doesn’t end the way either of them probably would have liked. Sonja basically explains to Princess that she’s protective over Ray, which means being skeptical of Princess. The weirdest part of this conversation is when Princess starts shedding some tears, and Sonja doesn’t even bat an eyelash. Savage.

  2. Drewski seriously doesn’t see how odd the video trap he set for Sky is.

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    It’s ironic that Drewski’s plan to show his girl Sky how extra she is makes him look pretty extra too. He legit went out of his way to secretly film Sky looking through his phone, and even shows the video off to Juelz Santana.

  3. Remy Ma and Papoose give their kids a sweet, but embarrassing, pep talk.

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    As much as Remy Ma loves her kids, she can’t help but talk a little mess in the middle of a pep talk before their performance. She reminds them that this is their first performance since their cousin’s birthday party doesn’t count, and tells them that they’re about to get replaced with a “newer model” a.k.a. the baby she and Papoose want to have. The kids look embarrassed every time she throws some shade, which means she’s parenting teenagers right.

  4. Rich Dollaz’ daughter sets him up on a blind date, but he doesn’t realize it’s with his daughter’s mom.

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    Rich Dollaz daughter Ashley wasn’t that into Rich’s most recent ex, so she took it upon herself to plan his next date: with her mother. When these longtime co-parents have to sit through a date together, Rich gets real about not always being there for Ashley. As awkward as sitting through a date with your baby momma might be, it’s still probably not as awkward as the average first Tinder date.

  5. Peter airs all of his and Tara’s dirty laundry in a public apology to her at her birthday party.

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    In an attempt to win Tara back, Peter Gunz throws her a birthday party with all of their loved ones. He apologizes to Tara in front of everyone for acting like a dog when they were together, and brings her near tears. This is a nice gesture, but imagine how out of place the waiters felt in that moment.

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