Black People Making History Right Now

Spreading Black excellence with them everywhere they go.

It’s not easy being the first to do anything. Any Black person who has ever been in a classroom, boardroom or competitive environment where they see no one else like themselves will tell you the pressure to “represent” is a weighty thing. That’s why Black History Month is about more than dusting off the history books – it’s about giving today’s trailblazers their flowers while they can still smell them. It’s about making sure talented Black men and women who are fighting to ignite change know that we’re rooting for them.

That type of grit and determination is what it takes to do it first and do it right. So to honor Black History Month a little differently this year, let’s take a look at a few athletes, lawmakers, entertainers and all around dope individuals that are spreading Black excellence with them everywhere they go right now.

Watch Vh1 stars say farewell to beloved President Obama.

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