Our Whole Life Issa Lie! Wood Harris Reveals a Shocking Truth About Tupac in Above the Rim

It will make you re-watch the classic film.

During his appearance on the Breakfast Club to promote VH1’s The Breaks, Wood Harris revealed a few unbelievable truths.

He’s making music with Dr. Dre and also has the same birthday as Eminem. The Chicago native could’ve been in the same class as Sanaa Lathan and D.B. Woodside if he chosen Yale over NYU. Instead he went to school with director Malcolm Lee, Michael Hall (Dexter), Daniel Kim (Lost), Mahershala Ali, (Moonlight), and Sterling K. Brown (People v O.J. Simpson).

The most shocking truth from the interview, though, was Harris revealing that Tupac had a lookalike play him at the end of Above the Rim. “At the end of the movie, he [Tupac] was shot the first time, and the movie wasn’t done yet. At the end of the Above the Rim there’s a lookalike,” Harris revealed. He goes on to state that the film mixed older shots of Tupac with the other actor to make the Easter egg unnoticeable. Watch the moment below.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.