Exit Interview: The Eliminated Model Thinks That Tatiana Is an “Extremely Empty Person”


The competition is inching closer and closer to the titular Top Model but, alas, another one had to bite the dust. Panelist Drew Elliott sat down with the most recently eliminated model to get all the details of her departure, her reputation in the house, and her future as a model.

Cody Lee Wells opened up to Drew about feeling more confident when her twin sister Tash was out of the competition and how she struggled when she returned to the ANTM house. “The first time I was a little bit sad, but the second time around I was a little bit angry because I felt like we kind of were able to, like, pinpoint our issues, and try to solve them a little bit and I felt like I wanted more time.” Cody chats about having only connected with a few of her fellow competitors and the frustrating and confusing role that Courtney played in everyone’s journey, as well as thinking Tatiana feels she’s “really above” the competition and is an “extremely empty person.” Yikes!

You can watch Cody’s departure again in the highlight below.

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