5 Epic Beyoncé Pregnancy Announcement Recreations

All of this twinning!

By Jasmine Washington

Let’s be honest, Beyoncé’s mother nature themed pregnancy announcement was one of the biggest moments of the new year. Garnering a record breaking 10.6 million Instagram likes, there were few places you could go without either seeing images of the mega star proudly cradling her blossoming baby bump or hearing news that the Carter family would soon be growing by two.

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Once the initial shock of the Beyoncé’s big reveal managed to simmer down, Bey hive stans put their creativity to the test recreating the now iconic photo. Expectant mothers, like Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Luddington, happily posed in front of beautiful floral arrangements, while others supporters, like makeup artist Jazmina Daniel, used their professional skills to pay homage to Bey in a more unique way. Spot on recreations weren’t the only attempts at duplicating Bey’s announcement. There were a few recreations, like Ellen DeGeneres’ photoshopped dupe that kept the laughs coming.

Check out 5 epic recreations of Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement below and be sure to tell us which one is your fave:

  • 1. Jazmina Daniel

    Embedded from www.instagram.com.

    Known to her 1 million Instagram followers for delivering makeup slay after slay, beauty maven Jazmina Daniel created a mural of Bey’s announcement on her lips. Talk about dedication!

  • 2. Ellen DeGeneres

    Embedded from www.instagram.com.

    TV host Ellen DeGeneres took the easy way out, photoshopping her face on Bey’s pregnant body and beaming, “Me too,” as the caption for her spoof on Instagram.

  • 3. Camilla Luddington

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    Grey’s Anatomy star and excited mother-to-be, Camilla Luddington celebrated the impending arrival of her baby girl while paying homage to Beyonce in an adorable recreation.

  • 4. Anjelika Temple

    Embedded from www.instagram.com.

    Brit + Co Chief Creative Officer Anjelika Temple shared an almost identical interpretation of Bey’s announcement with her baby bump in tow.

  • 5. The Fat Jewish

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    Internet sensation The Fat Jewish posed in his nearly naked glory and proclaimed, “Beyoncé and I are both pregnant as f–k. Mazel Kween,” as the caption for his hilarious parody.

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