These Were the Most Woke Moments of Black History Month 2017

Beyoncé reached peak level goddess.

Black excellence was in full effect this Black History Month and we lived for every moment of it. We don’t just use this month to celebrate the trailblazers of the past – we also celebrate it as a constant reminder of why representation and inclusion in pop culture has yet to be achieved and why it still matters.

Take Frank Ocean and Drake for instance. These two pop icons put popularity to the side to become a mouthpiece for Black artists who don’t get their just due at The Grammys. Comedian and writer Jordan Peele set the bar for directing by making the first woke horror film.

We’ve lived through so much joy this month as some of our biggest pop idols continue to make us proud and do it for the culture. Scroll through some of the most woke moments from Black History Month 2017.

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