Even If You Don’t Include The Best Picture Blunder Of The Century, Oscar Night Was Full Of Historic Firsts

It was a huge night of big wins and first-time achievements... And the first time someone who is still living was featured in the In Memoriam montage.

Forget the Best Picture blunder that the world was shocked by at last night’s Oscars, the evening was full of amazing accomplishments and huge firsts and huge moments — for good and for bad. On the one hand, the award ceremony was full of historic moments — the first Muslim to win an acting award, the youngest person ever to receive the prize for directing, and the first huge wins for streaming services. But there was also one unbelievable mix-up, perhaps even worse than the wrong film being announced, when a living movie producer saw herself featured in the In Memoriam montage. Check out our list of big moments that were all overshadowed by the Best Picture faux pas.