Martha and Snoop Share Some Family Secrets With These Delicious Dinner Recipes

In the mood for Galumpkis?

It’s a family affair!

This week’s Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party feast is all about throwback family dinners, and what’s more nostalgic than a big heaping bowl of pasta? Snoop Dogg’s main man Uncle Reo is back in town to help whip up this savory Italian favorite, which happens to be perfect recipe if you want to sneak in some of the veggies the kiddies normally won’t eat.

Start with the basics of flavor – carrots, celery and onions. Get it broken down in a food processor, cook it down in a hot pan with olive oil and let the aromas seduce you. Next, get the ground beef going and dress it up in Uncle Reo’s secret spice blend (it’s always a hit.) Add your pasta and sauce and mangia!

Pro tip – freshly made tomato sauce like the one Uncle Reo uses is always the best way to go, but store bought is legit too.

As it turns out, Snoop Dogg is not the only one that can expertly roll some green.

Martha’s throwback dish is Galumpkis (cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and veggies). Martha learned this recipe from her Polish parents and kept it stashed ever since.

The prep work is easy breezy, but make sure you get crackin’ two hours before dinner time since these babies need ample time in the oven. It starts with the filling – an easy mix of ground beef, ground pork, onions, celery and green peppers. Salt and pepper it up and mix thoroughly (don’t be afraid to dirty those hands!) Once everything is well combined, in the cabbage leaf it goes. Martha rolls those galumpkis with such precision, even Snoop was speechless.

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Snoop’s uncle Rio stops by and gets everyone in the groove with singing and recipes.

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