Yandy’s Alternative Facts are Exposed When a Phone Conversation Reveals That She Knew Kimbella Was Going to Lil Mendeecees’ Birthday Party

"It's important because it was a lie."

Yandy says she didn’t even know that Kimbella pulled up to Lil Mendeecees’ birthday party but the lie detector test shows, that is a lie (Maury voice).

OK, maybe not a lie detector test, but camera footage will certainly expose you and it did Yandy in this Love & Hip Hop highlight. When asked by host Nina Parker, Yandy recounts the events that went on that day. She says she did in fact come to Lil Mendeecees’ birthday party but immediately turned around when she saw a commotion outside. It wasn’t until later on, Yandy claims, that she found out it was Kimbella causing all of the chaos. She then goes on to say that Kimbella probably heard about the party through a mutual friend but Erika has no idea which “friend” Yandy is talking about. When called out, Yandy tries to change the subject but even Nina makes Yan pump her breaks.

The clarification of whether Yandy knew or not is important, says Erika, because it exposes another “lie”and Nina agrees. Shonda Rhimes couldn’t have scripted this better, honey, because at this moment Nina pulls out receipts proving Yandy isn’t 100% truthful in explaining what went down that day. An audio recording made by production proves that Yandy knew Kimbella pulled up to the party.

Audience members are shocked to see Yandy caught up in this lie. Now that the story is out, Yandy’s explanation is beginning to look a little funny in the light. After this situation with Lil Mendeecees went down, Samantha is convinced that the only way these kids will come together is if Mendeecees, the father, makes it happen.

Yandy’s face when Nina said they had audio proof of what happened that day…

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