Cardi B and Hennessy Fight Major Galore During the Love & Hip Hop Reunion Begging the Question “Since When Did They Have Beef?”

"My sister and her boyfriend told me they had to press her."

Major Galore doesn’t get a chance to finish her sentence because Hennessy and Cardi waste no time running up on her in this highlight from the Love & Hip Hop reunion, but since when were they beefin?

It’s surprising to see these once skrippers scrapping, especially since they never shared any moments on TV during the season. Major says the two had beef and was even face-to-face at one point and Cardi did nothing to solve it. Words are exchanged between the two women and as Major is about to finish her sentence, Hennessy runs up on her to swing, quickly followed by big sis Cardi. Hennessy must be part ninja because she went through security to connect a couple of punches to Major. Yikes!

Backstage, Cardi explains the reason for all of that onstage drama. Turns out the two used to dance together and were cool, but Major apparently was talking sideways about Cardi in front of Hennessy, and in keeping her word, Hennessy decided to do something about it. Moral of the story is, don’t mess with Dominican sisters from the Bronx, they give it up.

That’s all for New York, but you DO NOT want to miss the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, next Monday at 8/7c!

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