ICYMI: Dutchess is Shaken Up After She Receives Word That Ceaser Was Involved in a Fatal Car Accident

"That wasn't a producer who called you. I don't know who it was but I think somebody's trying to play a prank you right now."

Someone plays a cruel prank on Dutchess causing her to realize just how much Ceaser means to her in this Black Ink Crew highlight. Dutchess receives a phone call informing her that her King has been involved in a fatal car accident. When Dutchess tries to ask the person for more information, they bang the phone on her leaving her in the dark. A producer of the show tells Dutchess that Ceaser is currently filming and whoever gave her that news is just trying to mess with her. Still shaken up, Dutchess calls Cease just to make sure he’s alright. Thankfully for Dutchess, he’s good.

Yea, good with Tatu Baby.

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