When A Judge Orders O’S**t to Pay Kathie Child Support, His Wife Nikki Starts To Have Big Regrets About Marrying Him

"I'm left with feeling like, 'Why did I move here?' 'Why did I marry Richard.'"

Getting into a relationship is costing Nikki way more than she wants to spend, causing her to question her decision to marry O’Sh*t in these Black Ink Crew highlights.

After being served at his wedding, O’S**t finally heads to court to battle out custodial rights for Achilles against his baby mama Kathie. Turns out, Kathie isn’t trying to take their son away from Richard, but she does need more funds from the man. The judge orders Richard to cough up $1600/month, money O’S**t doesn’t have. Nikki quickly realizes that as Mrs. Duncan, his financial burdens are her financial burdens and that means that she needs to pay Kathie that sixteen hun.

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