Joc and Karlie Find It Real Sus Kirk Wasn’t Able to Answer His Alleged Baby Mama in this Week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

"You better come up with something quick Kirk... you heard what she said."

Everyone knows it looks real shady when you answer a question with a question, which is why Karlie and Joc are looking at Kirk sideways. In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the on-again/off-again duo thinks Kirk’s behavior is shaky, especially when a woman is accusing him of having a newborn with her. Kirk’s facial expressions and unwillingness to answer the question screams SUSPECT in Joc and Karlie’s eyes. Mimi’s friend and #LHHATL newbie Melissa feels that Joc was playing like he didn’t know that girl came to start drama. There’s a moment where Joc whispers to Kirk’s accuser that she’s giving up too much info which is a red flag to Melissa that Joc may know a little bit more than what he’s claiming. Joc made sure to tell Kirk that the woman accusing him was “Rasheeda pretty” not because he really thinks that, but because he needs Kirk to remember who he was messing around on. Like seriously though, how you cheat on Rasheeda, are you dumb? (Remy Ma voice).

Speaking of Joc, he says he and Karlie have a very deep relationship. They chill all day divulging information about politics and spitting out big words such as “numinaultramicroscopicilicovacainacoviosis.” Just playing, he wants to f—k, and Karlie knows this.

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