Are You Ready to Watch O.J. Simpson on Reality TV in 2017?

The Juice may be loose on your TV screen soon.

O.J. Simpson’s had-it-all-lost-it-all story is prime reality TV material. So it’s no wonder that we may be getting a front row seat to his impending release from prison very soon.

Word on the street is that the former football star turned media personality is eligible for parole in October 2017 after serving a nine year bid for armed robbery. According to TMZ, reality TV producers are chomping at the bit to catch his post-prison live on camera. He’s allegedly in talks with several producers and platforms to make his coming home special a reality TV extravaganza, or at the very least a highly-anticipated Barbara Walters style sit down.

It would only make sense, given the media’s obsession with O.J. Simpson clearly hasn’t died down since he was acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994. Within the last year, a handful of critically acclaimed projects about Simpson’s life were met with highly favorable reviews, including The People vs. O.J. Simpson starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and the ESPN-backed O.J: Made In America. The latter won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

Though he was acquitted after a long 8-month trial, the overwhelming evidence against O.J. helped Ron Goldman’s family win a $33 million dollar lawsuit. Speaking of… Simpson still owes that money to this day. So unfortunately for him, any money from this show will go straight to that bill. Yikes!

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