Who’s the Real MVP in This Hilarious Viral Video of Kids Crashing Their Dad’s BBC Interview?

The waltzing toddler is too cute.

Working from home always feels like a treat, but for Robert E. Kelly, a political-science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, he learned the hard way that working where you sleep also has its setbacks. On Friday, he appeared as an expert on the BBC via Skype to discuss the politics behind the South Korea impeachment scandal.

As soon as the interview started one of his kids came waltzing in and everything went hilariously downhill from there.

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Seconds after the first interview crasher came through to interrupt adult work time another baby came rolling through to join the party. Who’s supposed to be watching these kids?


As dad calmly (screaming inside) nudges the babies away from the Skype call, the mother bursts into the scene, skidding around a corner, pulling off an impressive slide and frantically herding the kids out of the room. We are here for her mobility skills, but her babysitting ability is very suspect.


Regardless, this video makes for one of the funniest and most adorable interviews we’ve ever seen hit the web. Watch the full incident below and tell us who you think was the real MVP.

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