When Afton Williamson Hangs Out With The Breaks Co-Star Sinqua Walls It Makes His Fans Jealous

"I'm sorry girl, do you want him?"

Afton Williamson is a lot like her character (Nikki Jones) on The Breaks, she is all about her business with a little side of play. Recently The Breaks star stopped by the Complex office to discuss a friendly night out with her co-star, Sinqua Walls aka Lil’ Ray. Much like their characters on the show, Afton and Sinqua have had the chance to hang out and get to know each other outside of work- too bad Sinqua’s fans weren’t here for it.

“Whenever you go anywhere with Sinqua, you do get a lot of perks. Tables and stuff. I don’t mind the perks, but [women] look at me with death stares. I’m like, “I’m sorry girl, do you want him?” Literally, we were doing the cable up-fronts in L.A. in January, and I stayed for a couple of days. Sinqua, he’s an L.A. dude, so I [called him] like, “You better show me something fun!” So he got Lakers tickets last minute and we went or whatever, and we were at the top, and we’re eating and watching the game, and the women [helping us] were just like, “Do you need anything else?” I literally asked for water and this lady forgot for an hour, and I was like, ’I guess I’ll just get it myself.’ [I looked at Sinqua] like, ’Ok, pretty man.’

Yikes! We hope Nikki has better luck with Lil’ Ray onscreen.

Check out the full interview with Complex here to see how Afton feels about hungry rappers giving her mixtapes.

While IRL the co-stars are just friends, the clip below shows that their chemistry onscreen may be leading to a whole lot more.

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