This Fight Tommie Has With Her Mother Proves She Has A More Loving Relationship With Her Bail Bondsman Than Her Own Blood

"You serious? Take me back?"

The way Tommie and her mother are going at it in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, you would think the mom stole $5 from her and Tommie caught her azz in Popeye’s.

Tommie is finally released from jail after having to turn herself in because of an altercation with Joseline Hernandez. The second Tommie walks into her place, she’s annoyed at the site of her mother Samantha just hanging out in the living room like everything’s cool. From young, Tommie has been bounced from foster home to foster home, so her mother’s inability to even answer her calls when she was locked brought up all types of repressed emotions. Tommie presses mommy dearest and even throws some subs when she tells her bondsman, Gary, that she needs to get rid of the shady people around her. Offended that Tommie is coming at her, Samantha (Finesse?) tells Gary to take Tommie back to jail and Tommie. goes. awf. They get into a screaming match, with all types of “b—s” and “f—ks” thrown around and Tommie eventually just kicks her mom out. Tommie doesn’t care where her mother goes next, she just wants the lady out of her home.

This face though?

And then poor Gary’s looking like, “Y’all don’t pay me enough for this s–t.”

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