This Beauty and the Beast Version of “Bad and Boujee” is the Most Turnt Thing That Ever Happened to Disney

"My Life is Belle and Boujee. Silverware Acting like Groupies."

Remember that time Donald Glover used five seconds of his Golden Globes thank you speech to acknowledge The Migos for “Bad and Boujee”? Lots of people had no idea what a Migos was or that being both bad and boujee was a prestigious honor. Well, they quickly learned and Migos blew up, topping the Billboard charts and performing on Ellen . And then came the parodies. So. Many. Parodies.

But Nerdist has birthed a new tribute to the “Beatles of our generation”, with “Belle and Boujee” that is legendary.
Usually, parodies belong in the trash but this one is straight fire with the characters of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast getting undeniably lit as Belle lets all of us know she’s both bad and boujee. This song is actually great. There’s trap. It’s bilingual (Belle says “Bonjour”). It has has strong lyrics: “Rain drop/drop top/I’m chilling with a clock and a teapot”. There’s visual effects like the ultimate hypeman plate. If none of that was enticing enough, theres a rap verse from Lil Uzi Chip. What more do you need?

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