QUIZ: Can You Match the Artist to the Classic Disney Soundtrack Song?

Time to relive your childhood.

With the new live action Beauty and the Beast finally hitting theaters this weekend, the child in all of us has awakened. If you’re O.G. fans like us, you’ve have already dusted off your vintage VHS tape of the classic animated film and sang along to Celine Dion’s powerful 1991 rendition of “Beauty and the Beast.” The film’s iconic theme song set the bar for Disney soundtracks going forward. It garnered the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song in 1992 as well as an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

It got us thinking about all the other great pop stars who’ve contributed to a Disney soundtrack throughout the years. It’s an illustrious group of pop divas, boy bands and even a few R&B divas including Vanessa Williams who all musically contributed to Disney over the past three decades.

Try and match the artist to their popular Disney song below.

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