Melody Shuts Downs Fans Accusing Her of Racism for Saying O’Sh*t’s Wife Can’t Be All Black Because She Has Good Hair

" And to everyone telling me I am denying my blackness? Wow, please, tell me more about myself since you seem to know so much."

Melody is so fed up that fans took her comment to O’Sh*t’s wife Nikki the wrong way so she took to Instagram to shut everybody down.

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew, while they were have Friendsgiving, Melody asks Nikki what her nationality is. Nikki says she’s a black girl and Melody quickly side-eyes her, saying there’s no way she’s all black. The comment that had fans all riled up was when Melody said in her confessional, “Oh yeah, you’re all black? Yea I’m sure and I’m sure that’s all your real hair too.”

Although it did come off as offensive, Melody says that wasn’t her intention. She posted a conversation between Nikki and fan where a fan also questions if Nikki is “full black,” in which Nikki says she is mixed race. Another fan steps in and comes at Melody, asking her why she was so pressed to know about the nationality in the first place.
In her caption Melody says,

I’ve been meaning to make a video to address this whole situation about what I said about @theonlynikkid being mixed but you know, I have a life so…. I’m just gonna do this. She is mixed and it’s not offensive for one mixed girl to ask another what’s she’s mixed with. And as far as my comment about that not being all her hair, this isn’t all my hair either so calm the f–k down ✋? and to this motherf—r calling me an ignorant racist and then calling me a mut? You’re a f—-g idiot. And to everyone telling me I am denying my blackness??? Wow, please, tell me more about myself since you seem to know so much. Aaaaaaanyways, one love to all my people ✊?✌?❤ and I’m fin keep on keeping on with my infant ass ???

Well, there you have it. And not for nothing, you don’t have to be mixed to have good hair, mmk?

Melody really is an easy going, down-to-earth, and funny girl, just look at her nanny search!

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