Dutchess Refuses To Speak With Ceaser And He Turns His Frustration Into The Worst Date Ever For Tatu Baby

This is the face of a woman who should have stayed in Miami.

Ceaser tries to talk to Dutchess when he sees her in Puerto Rico but she swerves on him one time because he’s with Tatu Baby in this Black Ink Crew highlight.

Last time Cease heard from Dutch, he was trying to figure out what was really good with her trashing his place and leaving her engagement ring. He decides to run up on her to get some answers but she quickly deads the conversation because she’s busy working a live podcast. When he walks away, Dutchess tells her friend how disgusted she is that Cease had the audacity to pull up with the girl he’s trying to move on with. As Dutchess expresses her frustrations to Bebe, Cease is pouring his heart out to Tatu Baby and they all eventually realize that trying to resolve the issue out there is pointless. Which makes for a super-awkward night, because what person wants to hear their new bae rant (and we mean RANT) about their ex all night?

Maybe approaching Dutchess with Tatu Baby wasn’t the brightest idea. Don’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew, next Wednesday at 8/7c!

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