Ted Finally Did His Job and Signed Up the Black Ink Crew For a Tattoo Convention, SIKE! He Messed That Up Too in this Highlight

"This is the main reason 113th is closed. We look like f---ing dweebs."

The crew goes from being extremely happy with Teddy to being extremely tight at him in this Black Ink Crew highlight because frankly, ya boy messed up.

Everyone is so excited to be in Puerto Rico for the tattoo convention that the crew is screaming “Black Ink crew” as they stroll through the lobby. When they try to register, Ceaser is told that Black Ink isn’t listed for the convention. When Cease says that there must have been a mistake, the people tell him that the chances of it being a mistake are unlikely because it’s an entire process to be a part of an event of this caliber. Embarrassed, Cease pulls Ted to the side to get to the bottom of the situation. Ted’s tune changes from “he’s sure he sent the paperwork” to “he’s pretty sure Kit handled that” (mind you Kit has no idea what Ted is talking about). The humiliation of a “VIP” team being turned down from such a prestigious convention overwhelms Cease. That coupled with the fact that Tatu Baby had to witness that has boss man rethinking his decision to reopen 113th.

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