It’s Hilarious That Eddie Murphy Has No Idea He’s on Twitter, But “Tweeted” a Teaser For the Coming To America Sequel

So is this happening or nah?

Eddie Murphy lit up social media with a tweet suggesting a sequel of Coming To America is in the works. Problem is, according to his daughter Bria, we’ve been hoodwinked.

The model Instagrammed a screenshot of a text conversation with her famous dad, who was shocked to learn that he’s even on Twitter. But. He’s. Verified. Eddie’s bewilderment over the tweet would only make sense, considering it was swiftly deleted along with his entire Twitter account altogether.
A few conspiracy theorists believe whoever is in charge of social media in Murphy’s camp dropped the ball by not looping in the superstar and teasing the project too early. TMZ reports, however, that there is some meat on the bones of this Coming to America 2 rumor. Inside sources tell them Murphy is still in the early stages of writing the sequel, but hasn’t quite fleshed out the plot. So no word on whether or not the original cast members will be back for round two.

If Coming To America 2 does turn out to be pure heresy, it will a pretty crushing blow…perhaps worse than finding out the tooth fairy isn’t real. Coming To America is undeniably a cinematic treasure and we’d hate to get out hopes up. Aah well…here’s a Flashback Friday of arguably one of the best scenes of the movie. For now, the memories are all we’ve got.

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