Where Are They Now?: Black Women in Sketch Comedy

Salute those who paved the way.

The improv and collaboration factors of sketch comedy make it a breeding ground for some of comedy’s greats. Black women, in particular, are known to have it harder when it comes to making a breakthrough in sketch comedy. Damitra Vance was the first Black woman to snag a cast spot on the mainstay variety show Saturday Night Live, opening the doors for Ellen Cleghorne, Maya Rudolph and current cast members Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata.

MADtv and In Living Color were two other sketch comedy shows that made a home for actors and actresses of color. Through them, we were introduced to comedy heroes like Debra Wilson, Kim Wayans and Erica Ash.

All of these powerful women have ended their sketch comedy tenure and went on to do dope things. So what are they up to now? Flip through to find out.

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