Check Yourself: After Learning Jasmine’s Baby Has a Dimple on His Chin, Joc and Scrappy are Wondering if Kirk Got a Booty Chin

Why is Joc touching his chin too, though?

Lil Scrappy and Yung Joc are convinced you can’t tell who the father of Jasmine’s baby is in this week’s Check Yourself because despite what they say, a picture isn’t worth much.

Karlie is happy that she finally won the bet against Joc and now has him posing nude for her salacious book. Even Scrappy sees Karlie is a freaky mother f—ker just by seeing her get the positions down. After Karlie tells Joc of the dimple on Jasmine’s baby’s chin, it looks real sus when the rapper starts feeling for his dimple. Even Joc had sex with Jasmine and to Karlie that makes him a suspect and a heaux.

Jessica Dime and Tommie can’t believe these girls are all loud and proud about creeping with married men, like where they do that at? The Mistress Gang is in the building and neither Tommie nor Dime are here for their triflin’ ways or their smart side comments.

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