Ariane Talks About Being Friends With Margeaux While Still Being BFF With Mimi

Mimi's faithful friend speaks out about their explosive fight at Margeaux's art show.

Ariane Davis is often the voice of reason to many a trouble soul on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but when s–t hit the fan this week with the truth of Mimi’s involvement of the sex tape coming out, the long term friends got into it. VH1 caught up with Ariane about the status of her friendship with Mimi, how she rationalized befriending Margeaux, and whether or not she would attend a Stevie and Joseline wedding special.

How are you and Mimi, because she’s your real life friend not a reality TV friend, right?
Ariane: Listen, I don’t have time for that reality TV s–t, that whole friendship s–t, creating friends. This has been my friend for over ten years and you know, of course, friends fight, people keep stuff from each other. That was just something big that she kept from me and kept lying to me about so it pissed me off but we’ll come back to where we are as friends. I just needed her to know how that made me feel and it hurt my feelings.

You’re very transparent with how you feel. You can read all your emotions on your face.

It seems like you knew the whole time what Mimi was going to tell you that she was in on the sex tape, were you just waiting for her to say it out loud?
I had my suspicions but I just didn’t want it be like, “Okay well yeah she’s gonna finally confess and tell me the truth.” I wanted to give her another out, so to speak. Just another, maybe she’s telling me something different, maybe something new came out. I just wanted her to be honest with herself more than anything. F–k me, f–k everybody else, like own your own truth and be free because I know that that’s been eating her up and that s–t is festering in her. I’ve seen her cry recently and I’ve never seen her cry the way that she cried, like on my shoulder.

So now that the truth is out there, where do you guys stand today?
BFFs! Are you kidding me? She was just over here yesterday.

Being so close to Mimi, what’s your take on her relationship with Stevie? It feels like there’s definitely something still there.
There’s definitely nothing else there, and I applaud them actually. I applaud them for being able to co-parent and for being able to actually co-exist this season and it’s seemingly organic. I know that Mimi does not want Stevie at all. Even though he may come with shenanigans, it’s like, okay that’s just him and we all know that about Stevie. As far as any romantic fling or things? Nah, not at all, not happening. Factual.

Margeaux has sort of befriended you, were you apprehensive about that friendship? Do you think she’s being genuine?
When I first met her I just felt that her energy was just so strong and so intense, she seemed mad cool. I don’t think that she was trying to be confrontational I just felt like she and Mimi were both in a space unbeknownst to them that wasn’t either one of their fault. I’m not trying to make, I wasn’t trying to make Margeaux my best friend or you know go against my friendship with Mimi. That has nothing to do with it, I’m grown, I can befriend anybody I want to, we all can and that has nothing to do with me not being loyal to Mimi. She asked me to do something, I thought about it like, “Uh, should I? Should I? Oh, do I want to do this, it might be cool?” So yeah, just do it. I honestly wasn’t thinking about what Mimi was gonna think or any of that, not for real. Sorry, but real s–t, I wasn’t really thinking about her. Let me just f–king do it.

Do you understand why Mimi was mad at you though?
Yeah, yeah, kind of. I do but okay, okay you’ve done s–t that’s made me mad. You got over it, I got over it, get over it and she’s over it.

Was there any sort of real friendship built there with Margeaux? Would you want to be her friend?
I tried, yeah. Absolutely. I think that she is way sweet and I don’t mind befriending her. We have a lot of things in common and I like how driven she is. I do. So, you never know, but it’s just a lot that went after that. I would love to sit down and talk to her, just off camera, again. I have her number so I’ll probably reach out after the season’s over.

Do you ever feel like you are the only person on the show who is real and doesn’t just do stuff for the cameras?
No, I don’t think that I’m the only one. I think that Erica Dixon is like that a lot. I think that there are a couple of us like that and I think that some of us just, they don’t get to see that side. I don’t have time to give no bulls–t. That’s not what I’m here for. [Laughs] I don’t.

Speaking of Erica Dixon, where’s she at? You guys are still tight?
I hugged her so hard last night. She told me how much she missed me, I missed her too. I don’t understand why I haven’t had any kiki with her this season I just don’t get it but I’m gonna leave that one right there. We’re supposed to actually see each other this weekend and catch up and we text each other all the time and just checking on each other you know, off camera but there’s a real friendship there too.

Is there anyone else who you would say is a real friend? Karlie, Kalenna, K. Michelle?
Actually, K. Michelle and I just reconnected at Yandy and Mendeecees’ wedding. I had to see something different from her in order for me to sit and have the conversation that we did, and I did. So I reached out to her when I was in LA. We didn’t get to see each other but I reached out to her and let her know that I was there. She invited me over. I couldn’t make it but yeah, oddly enough, that growth. I needed to see that growth and I did.

Let’s talk about the wedding for a second, let’s say Stevie and Joseline have a wedding. Will you go?
That is a hard, hard one. I don’t know because I know my friend won’t be invited and honestly with that situation my loyalty definitely lies with her. So if I were to get that invite, I would go and talk to her first, and say “How would you feel about it?” and she would say “Ariane, I don’t really I don’t want you to f–king go.” Okay, I won’t go. Like, in all honesty.

If there’s a reunion, you’ll be there?
Yes, I’m going to slay every f–king dragon on there. I’m going to slay ’em all so yeah, can’t wait.