Bonus Clip: Tommie Made Up With Karlie To Her Face, But Behind Her Back She Calls Her A “Miscellaneous Nobody” and a “Trash Bag B—h”

But she did not attack Karlie so... growth.

It’s usually not smart to talk mess about someone’s friend when you’re getting tipsy in the club with them, but of course Tommie does just that in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta bonus clip anyway.

When recapping Lovely Mimi on what went down at the fashion show she attended with Tammy, Tommie didn’t hold back on her feelings about her run-in with Karlie Redd. Despite their bear hug, Tommie is definitely not cool with Karlie, explaining that she can get on board with some of Tammy’s friends, but not the “miscellaneous nobodies and trash bag b—es.” This reaction (shot from between a stripper’s legs, of course) is priceless.

Jessica Dime was there to witness the awkward Tommie-Karlie interaction and instead of pushing back on Tommie for being messy, Dime applauds her for more or less keeping her cool.

No longer a newbie, it seems like older cast members are becoming more loyal to Tommie this season.

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