New Baby, Who This? Joseline Hernandez Wants to Make Amends With All of the Ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the Sneak Peek

"I want all the ladies to come together and just really forget about the past."

The devil must be wearing a snorkel because a very pregnant Joseline Hernandez is determined to make things right with the ladies she’s wronged in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek. She meets up with her nail tech, Lovely Mimi and the name dropping is almost instant. Mimi tells Joseline about meeting Tommie Lee and Jessica Dime for the first time and the Puerto Rican princess puts Mimi on. Joseline warns Mimi about Tommie saying her record speaks for herself but little does Jos know that Mimi also has a rap sheet. In Joseline’s own defense, she was originally cool with these girls, but after she takes them down in the bedroom, they get crazy. Now that Joseline is getting ready to give birth to Bonnie Bella, her creative juices have been flowing. She has suddenly been inspired to bring strong independent women together for a “Baby Daddy” video where they all joyfully proclaim they don’t need men for anything.

Unfortunately the nice Joseline only lasted a few moments because just like that she speaks about how tore up some of their nails are. Oh, Joseline. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, next Monday at 8/7c!

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