ICYMI: Joc Has Even Karlie Speechless When He Reveals Kirk Frost Isn’t The Only One Who Slept With Jasmine

"I'm not a ho, I'm trying to have a new start with you."

Karlie’s head is about ready to explode when Joc tells her that he too slept with Rod’s Jasmine, Kirk’s Jasmine, well, Jasmine Jasmine in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight.

Karlie is reveling in the fact that Joc threw up the white flag and apologized first. Now, the two are able to get down to business and get the sexy pictures poppin’ for Karlie’s book, but first they still have other things to talk about. Detective Redd tells Joc of all of the info she’s found out about Kirk’s alleged baby with Jasmine. She pulls out her phone to show the sneaky photo she took while seeing the baby and an “I may have f—ked up” look takes over Joc’s face. He’s forced to admit that at the time Kirk was messing with Jasmine, he slept with a woman named Jasmine who is also “Rasheeda pretty.” It’s important to keep in mind that Joc is not only cool with Kirk but he’s also cool with Rod who was locked up around the time this was going on. That doesn’t matter to Joc, though. Whether you want to call her Kirk’s Jasmine, Rod’s Jasmine or whoever, that night, she was Joc’s Jasmine.

Guessing Joc doesn’t believe in bro code. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, next Monday at 8/7c!

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