“Oh Wow, He Kinda Looks Like Kirk!” Karlie Redd Meets Kirk Frost’s Alleged Baby For the First Time in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Highlight

"Seeing him in the flesh just takes this to a whole other level."

Karlie is in gossip heaven after linking with Jasmine to meet the baby she allegedly had with Kirk Frost.

In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, Karlie meets Jasmine’s baby and just has to take pictures because to her, there’s a resemblance to Kirk. Jasmine is unsure of Karlie’s motives but if that means Miss Redd will run tell dat to Rasheeda, she can take as many pics as she wants to. As Keanna is sitting there scoping out what’s going on, Karlie asks her what her role is in the situation. Keanna tells Karlie of her polygamist relationship with Rod and Jasmine and Karlie is shocked, mainly because she’s trying to figure out what Rod has going on (he does have two beautiful looking girlfriends). Kirk is obviously not trying to claim the baby but to Jasmine, that’s OK because she’s petitioned for a paternity test and time will tell the results.

Karlie wasn’t even trying to be cute in the picture she took with the baby. She clearly just wanted to know the juice.

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