Can Y’all Stop Comparing Lovely Mimi to Cardi B? Yes, They’re Both Outspoken But Let Us Tell You Why They Are Very Different

One thing is for sure, whether Cardi or Mimi, talk crazy to either one and they will probably pop on you, IJS.

An outspoken, sometimes “extra” woman joins the Love & Hip Hop franchise and automatically fans think she’s a knock-off of Cardi B, but those fans obviously don’t know Lovely Mimi.

We absolutely love our reg/deg from the Bronx but there’s always room for more. Social media is a big place and with a platform that reaches millions of people in seconds, Cardi isn’t the only one who got that game down. Lovely Mimi has had an IG presence for years with hilarious videos showcasing her many sides of crazy, sexy, and cool. She uses her experiences as a mom, shop owner, and wife to make 15 seconds to a minute of pure comedy.

From portraying the stereotypical Asian nail tech to impersonating her different customers, her little sketches and rants have fans coming back for more. Watch some of the different videos she’s shared!

So no, she may not be Cardi but she is pahpinn, in her own way. Catch Lovely Mimi every Monday on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta at 8/7c!

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