Blac Chyna Just Dragged Tyga on Snapchat and Topped It Off By Leaking a Mysterious Address

Didn't they tell you that she was a savage?

Woah, now! We thought Blac Chyna and Tyga had settled their differences, but clearly something went down that we missed.

In the wee hours of this morning, Blac Chyna hopped on Snapchat to get some feelings off her spirit about her son’s father. In a series of text snaps, Chyna blasted her ex over what appears to be a dispute about child support. In the texts, she calls Tyga a gaggle of names including a “b-tch” and a “h-e.” She even throws her estranged fiancé Rob Kardashian and Tyga’s boo Kylie Jenner in the mix…because as we’ve seen before, nobody’s safe when Blac Chyna pops off.

Here’s a few snaps from this morning’s drag fest.
She then went on to dare Tyga to tell Rob and Kylie about the reason she contacted him, which was an account for their son. Allegedly, Tyga had misconstrued her reaching out as a flirtatious advance.

And to end things in true Blac Chyna fashion, the former dancer topped it off by leaking a mysterious address. Now you might be thinking this is the address Tyga’s humble abode, but it’s actually the location of her beauty bar Lashed. I mean, why not a little promo along with the petty?
This is all a far cry from what we heard from Chyna back in September. In an interview with People, the Rob & Chyna star said she mended fences with both Tyga and Kylie. “We’ve talked. I’ve met up with Kylie,” Chyna explained. “Everybody is mature. We’re not holding on to grudges. We’ve moved on.” Chyna and Kylie even made our heads spin with a kiss and make up selfie.

Whatever the case is, I’m sure this is all juicy material perfectly timed with season 2 of Rob & Chyna. The. Tea. Is. Hot.

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