O’Sh*t! Is Richard Duncan Really Expecting Another Child with His New Wife Nikki?!

"I'm going through real s--t like, Nikki's pregnant."

Well, here we go. O’Sh*t reveals the reason he wasn’t here for the gang’s persecution of his wife Nikki is because…she’s preggers.

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, Ceaser links up with Sh*t on some gangsta ish to discuss what went down in Puerto Rico. Richard explains that the way Ceaser came at the couple was most hurtful because he considers Ceas to be one of his best friends. As his family, Cease defends his decision to come at the Mrs. because his job is to protect O’Sh*t but Richard makes it crystal clear he doesn’t need Cease’s help with drinking or with Nikki. In the final seconds of the fourth quarter, O’Sh*t tells Cease that Nikki is expecting and like the rest of us Cease says…”WHAT!?”

Exhibit A.

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