John Legend Shuts Down a Twitter Troll Over a Nasty Kim Kardashian Tweet

"Shame on you!"

John Legend will not tolerate any Kim Kardashian slander on his watch.

After years in the spotlight, Kim is very accustomed to people coming for her from all angles, but that doesn’t make it ok – especially in the eyes of BFF John Legend. The singer stepped in to defend the thick-skinned wife of his friend Kanye West after a Twitter troll made a nasty comment about Kim wanting a third child. Political consultant Stuart Stevens, who has worked in Mitt Romney’s camp during his 2012 presidential campaign, wrote, “Sometimes it seems the Chinese might have been on to something.” In Kim’s defense, Legend responded to the dig, “That was pretty awful. Shame on you.”

Stuart’s insult to Kim was in reference to China’s One Child Policy, where the government restricts citizens from having more than one child in the service of population control. The policy was eventually phased out in 2015, and now married Chinese couples are allowed to have two children per household. Making fun of the Kardashians has unfortunately turned into an American pastime for some people, but bringing children into the mix is never OK.

That little chin check from Legend seemed pretty mild in comparison to the Twitter lashings known to be dished out by his wife, and one of Kim’s besties, Chrissy Teigen. Aside from defending one another on social media, the Legends and the Wests are pretty tight IRL. In fact, the couples have been known to double date, throw each other parties and kick it between their busy schedules. Vote on your favorite co-couple moment.

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