Here’s What Mary J. Blige Has to Say About Kendu Isaacs’ Crazy Spousal Support Demands

"You didn't make me."

Mary J. Blige has officially checked out of the heartbreak hotel following her breakup from Kendu Isaacs, and she’s finally opening up about the messy divorce proceedings and her ex’s astronomical spousal support demands.

The “My Life” singer sat down with radio personality and longtime friend Angie Martinez for a heart to heart and confirmed the rumors that Kendu is seeking $100,000 in monthly spousal support for clothes, personal trainers, and child support for his kids. Aside from the fact that Kendu and Mary have no children together, he’s also been fired from his previous post as her manager. So his gall of his demands took Mary (and us) by surprise. “You didn’t make me,” Mary says of the situation. “You’re not God, so I have to pay you for being my husband? I was Mary J. Blige before I even met you.”

The Grammy winner also spoke of “the overwhelming disrespect,” from her ex as their 13-year marriage began to spiral. “You’re too familiar. You’re way too familiar and you’re disrespecting me and I know, I can sense that I’m not what you want anymore, because now you’re starting to throw questions around like, ‘OK, why you don’t cook?’ Well, I haven’t been cooking. ‘Why you don’t wear your hair like this?’ I never wore my hair like this before. What’s up with you? You know?”

As Mary tells it, when the passion in their relationship started to die out, she became suspicious of her husband’s intentions even more. “So, you start to realize that this man doesn’t want you and he’s just gone all the time. And you’re by yourself in the relationship. When you realize you’re by yourself in the relationship and you’re just suffering through it, now it’s time to do some investigating.”

When Angie asked Mary what she found, she says the evidence of Kendu’s alleged affair came without her looking. “[I was investigating] a little bit and I was getting things here and there but I had no full proof. But when I got the full proof, I didn’t have to investigate it. It just showed up.”

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