Tommie Lee Shares Precious Moments with Her Two Adolescent Daughters

"I may not have been the best mother, but if my childhood taught me anything, it's that kids need to be loved."

From time to time, Tommie Lee shares the most important part of her personal life with her fans, her daughters.

Tommie must have been feeling how the flower crown Snapchat filter had her family looking in the light. In a screengrab, below, the crazy, sexy, and cool AF Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is all smiles with her oldest daughter, Samaria.
And if that’s not enough of Tommie on mama mode, on Mother’s Day of last year, she posted this photo collage showing off both of her daughters and captioned it, “That one good thing I did in my life .. ❤️.”
Like any other mom, Tommie is proud of her babies.
“proud mommy they had to give her a folder she won every award there was to win #vallimo”

In a recent episode of our favorite Monday night show, Tommie linked up with nail shop owner Lovely Mimi to have a play date with their kids where Tommie brought her mini-twin, Samaria along.

In an exclusive VH1 interview, she says that she had her first daughter while incarcerated at age 17. She admits she has not always been the best mom, but her daughters Havalli and Samaria are her world. Tommie may be out there, but it’s rare she shows her maternal side. It’s beautiful to see her angels keep her grounded!

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