Is Kyga Over? Tyga Just Moved Out of Kylie Jenner’s Crib

Their latest fight is allegedly over KUWTK.

Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga done for good? If not, they’re certainly giving each other some much needed space.

The 27-year-old rapper is reportedly clearing out of the 19 year-old reality star’s Hollywood Hills home that he moved into only 10 months ago. Why? “Tyga feels he’s been belittled on the show,” an anonymous source told Us Weekly.

Though the move is pointing to a strong sign that “Kyga” is on the rocks, sources says they just need a break. “They’re not broken up,” a second source tells the celebrity news mag. “They’re just not spending as much time together.”

This isn’t the first time the pair have broken things off. Their most recent split came in May 2016, just days before the Met Gala. “We’re both just focused on our lives, our individual lives, right now,” Tyga told TMZ of the split. “Sometimes things don’t work out, but I love her.”

Oh, but it gets juicier! Apparently, the Kardashian Klan is playing a classic game of tug of war with Kylie, battling over whether or not Kylie should end the relationship.

“There’s serious drama between the sisters over Kylie & Tyga,” an insider told HollywoodLife. “While Kim and Kris are in Kylie’s ear telling her to dump him, Khloe and Kourtney are telling her to make it work. Kim and Kris don’t think Kylie should listen to her other sisters, and points out that Khloe’s relationships don’t last longer than six months and that Kourt and Scott [Disick] are a hot mess of a couple.”

Despite the breakup rumors, Kylie is looking far from melancholy. In fact, she was just on Snapchat lip-syncing to Tyga’s new songs “Act Ghetto” and “100s”. So maybe this breakup isn’t so final?
Is Kyga done for good or will they be back in social media bliss in no time? So many questions, so little answers.

Watch the Timeline of Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s Relationship below.

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