Sneak Peek: Which Famous Rapper Is Ceaser Tattooing This Week?

Cease is forced to ink his celebrity client at 113th this week after Miss Kitty kicks him out of his own shop on 125th.

There is nothing like a woman’s wrath and Ceaser is feeling it in this sneak peek to next week’s episode of Black Ink Crew.

After everything that went down at dinner, Cease finds himself in an effed up situation, seeing as how Miss Kitty is pissed. She apparently booked all of Ceaser’s clients at 113th even though 125th was opened for the sole purpose of tatting celebrities. That coupled with the fact that Sky decided to quit the shop has Cease in a tough spot with the ladies in his life. Walt doesn’t know why he’s so shocked for, Cease brought it upon himself. It’s all good though because Boosie Bad Ass pulls up for his session, so Cease doesn’t have that many worries.

S-T-O-P-P-L-A-Y-I-N-G, do you know what that means, Cease? Don’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew, next Wednesday at 8/7c!

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