6 Things From The Get Down You Need To Remember When You Binge Watch Part Two

Brush up on all of the important plot points and cliffhangers from last summer to gear up for the release of part two.

Last summer, Netflix original series The Get Down took music and television junkies alike by storm as it told one of the most accurate portrayals of hip-hop’s creation and rise in The Bronx in the 1970’s. Though it is most definitely not a subject which hasn’t already been covered plenty of times, the contributions offered by hip hop legends like Nas and Grandmaster Flash boasted a huge seal of authenticity. With only 6 episodes released in its initial run, fans quickly began searching for answers about when the next part would hit the internet. 8 months later, part 2 of The Get Down is finally here and picking up right where it left off after The Get Down Brothers’ triumphant battle win. Reminisce on 6 of the most important moments from The Get Down part 1 below to get yourself in the mindset for watching all of part 2 in one sitting:

After both amazing critical and fan reception from part one, the second installment of The Get Down has a lot to live up to. By enlisting the knowledge of people who were actually present, this series gives viewers an inside look at how hip-hop came to be what it is today. Because the culture that surrounds the music is so relevant today, it is great to watch a show that details just how a lot of these norms came to fruition. Now that you’ve brushed up on the major happenings from part one, it’s time to binge part two to see how everything plays out!

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