VOTE: Do You Recognize These Multi-Talented Stars More For Their Acting Or Singing?

Tell us whether these talented celebs are better known for their acting or music.

Jack of all trades, master of…everything? Well, not exactly. For the purposes of this discussion, we need you to decide if these multi-talented stars are better known for their skills on the mic or on the screen.

The wonderful thing about Hollywood is there’s opportunity for celebs to swerve into different entertainment lanes. Take Jennifer Lopez for instance. The Bronx bombshell got her start as a dancer on In Living Color. We wonder if she knew that in a few years time, she’d make major waves as an actress, music star, TV personality and mogul. Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, got his start as a writer on the hit sitcom 30 Rock before taking off as a rapper and eventually, the brains behind the genius FX comedy Atlanta.

Now that these following 12 celebrities have had a chance to prove themselves in multiple fields, we need your vote. Are they more well known as actors or singers?

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