Ricky Martin Will Be Starring in This Upcoming Crime Drama

This story needs to be told.

The next installment of executive producer Ryan Murphy’s “American Crime Story” is in the works following the success of The People vs. OJ Simpson. This time, Murphy will produce “American Crime Story: Versace” chronicling the life of the late Gianni Versace, and singer Ricky Martin will play Versace’s lover Antonio D’Amico.

Gianni, the founder and creative mastermind behind the popular Versace label, was murdered in front of his Florida mansion in 1997. A manhunt for Versace’s killer Andrew Cunanan went on for eight days before he eventually committed suicide on his boat. To this day, the reason behind the senseless and untimely murder of the fashion icon remains a mystery, but it’s believed Versace’s death was only one in a string of serial murders of gay men at the hands of this Cunanan.

Aside from Ricky, Édgar Rarmirez will star as Versace, Penélope Cruz will play Gianni’s sister Donatella and Darren Criss as serial killer Cunanan.

This isn’t the first Martin-Murphy collaboration. Ricky made a guest appearance on Murphy’s Fox series Glee. The 10-episode series will go into production later this month and debut in 2018.

But we’ve already got our popcorn waiting.

Ricky Martin on the moment he came out.

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