Kylie Jenner Completely Shocked These High School Students By Crashing Their Prom

A lucky student just got the date of his dreams.

You can officially add “party crasher” and to Kylie Jenner’s already impressive resume.

Albert Ochoa of Sacramento, California’s Rio Americano High School officially one-uped all of his high school peers by somehow getting the reality star and her model BFF Jordyn Woods to be his date to the junior prom. Apparently, the girl he originally asked turned him down…a decision she may or may not be kicking herself for now.

Rio high students quickly hopped on social media to show off footage of the prom crowd going berserk over Kylie and Jordyn’s star-studded arrival. Apparently, no one at school had any idea that King Kylie was coming to crash the festivities – not even Albert’s own sister.

Over the years, the home schooled Jenner mentioned wanting to go to prom. But of course, the 19-year-old had to do it big. She shared her full on prom glam on (where else) Snapchat, which included mocha-colored gown, complete with a traditional white corsage on the wrist. Jordyn looked equally stunning in a flowing, floor-length red gown. But no traditional limo pick up for these two – they took off in a private jet.

How Kardashian of them.
Students were certainly not doing it this big when I was in school. My, how times have changed.

Watch these couples put Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss to the test.

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