Behind The Scenes: Evelyn Plans To Fix Basketball Wives, And Jackie Thinks the Newbies Are An Upgrade From Last Season

"Reality TV has been missing substance."

Evelyn’s back, and now we know why thanks to this behind the scenes look at a photoshoot for Basketball Wives. She tells us that after taking a hiatus from the show, she was inspired to get back in the game because of the fans. So selfless. She also thinks that reality television isn’t exactly in its golden age right now, and she wants to fix that.

Meanwhile, Jackie gives us her hot take on the new girls this season. She doesn’t say too much about their personalities, but she definitely thinks they’re a group of hotties and a huge upgrade from last season’s new girls.

If you’re a real Basketball Wives stan, also check out the video above to see how the director likes working with the cast and how stylists picked out their outfits for the shoot.

Basketball Wives returns on Monday, April 17 at 9/8c!

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