Listening to Mack Wilds’ New Album, After Hours, Will Definitely Keep You Up at Night

Here's what the actor/singer had to say about his steamy new project.

Who knew Mack Wilds had such a deep sensual side?

The actor and singer is wearing many hats right about now. On top of being the star of VH1’s own The Breaks and snagging a recurring role on FOX’s new cop drama Shots Fired, Mack Wilds transformed into a night owl in order to record his aptly-titled sophomore album After Hours. Talk about team #nosleep!

The 12-track project seemed to have dropped out of the sky on Friday (April 7th) – a decision he considered for weeks. “We were going back and forth with the rest of the team trying to figure out the best way to [release] it,” Mack told VH1 exclusively. “And I think I just got to a point where it was just like you know what guys, what do we have to lose? There’s so many things God is blessing us with right now. I think it just made sense.”

If you’ve had the chance to listen to the album (if not, um…get to it!) then you’ll know the sexy R&B vibes are on a thousand, from beginning to end. On tracks like “Senses” and “Stolen Gold”, Mack describes, in great detail, all the freaky things he likes to do between the sheets to please his lady. The late night bedroom vibe of this album takes a detour from his previous PG-rated, feel good party tracks “Own It” and “Henny” from his debut album New York: A Love Story. Though he says sex is not all there is to his artistry, it’s definitely heightened on After Hours thanks to those many late nights in the studio. “I’m not a completely overt guy. At the end of the day, I’m a gentleman. But we all have our emotions and things we feel in the night, whether we speak on them publicly or not. People don’t expect me out of all people to speak like that, but I wanted to speak the real.”

So just how hot and heavy does he get? The first verse on his track “Stingy” really takes it there.

Yeah, its that time
I’ma beat that p-ssy up, I hope it got 9 lives
When the last time he slowed it down for you?
When the last time he went some rounds on you?
I’ma do what I gotta do

Whew! Sounds like Mack has had some practice with this. Even though we tried to get the tea on which special lady inspired such passionate lyrics, Mack doesn’t like to kiss and tell. “I think every song has its own genesis in creation. It could be a different lady, several different ladies. But each song is based off of a different situation.”

By now you must be wondering…does this mean Mack Wilds is single? “I’m dating,” The Breaks star confessed.


After Hours is currently available for download on iTunes and through streaming services. You can also look forward to the upcoming After Hours 6-part mini series – a tale of Mack’s wild night in New York City where each episode correlates to a track on the album.

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