Upgrade or Nah? Vote On Who You Think Ceaser and Dutchess Should End Up With

It's all in harmless fun!

Since their breakup, Dutchess and Ceaser have since moved on (one a lot faster than the other) but fans can’t help but have their two cents on the couples old relationship.

We’ve watched them go through so much these past seasons, from getting hot pockets eaten out by Donna to random people making secret baby allegations- the two have had a pretty rough ending. Dutchess is now dating NFL player Zack Sanchez and Cease? Well, he just be dating e’rrybody.

Check out the stats of some of the draft picks made by Dutchess and Cease and vote on who you think is the best match for each of them!

Well, that was fun! Let’s see what happens next Wednesday on an all Black Ink Crew at 8/7c!

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